Perk Game Synopsis Edit

The Perk Game is a game based similarly to the Perks from Call Of Duty, but given a sort of RPG aspect. As of right now, this is the most worked on gamemode.

Game Defaults And General SettingsEdit

Health : 5

Damage Output : 1 DMG for bodyshots, 2 DMG for headshots

Weapons : Weapons are selected, zigzagging between teams on a singular loadout of weapons and attachments, attachments being picked after picking weapons.

Perks (WIP) Edit

This is the core of the game, so understand these perks are vitals to understanding a majority of the game.

With the perks you have, you must write them all on a perk card, and store them on you onto the battlefield.

You have 3 perk points you can spend on perks, each tier being the cost to add them to your perk card.

However, you can sacrfice your primary or secondary for an extra perk point. You may sacrifice both if you would like.

Tier 1 Perks Edit

Perk Name Description

Tactical And Damage Prevention Perks Edit

Denied During setup, you can rule off a perk by sacrificing one perk point per perk.
Voidblocked Cannot damage from a source that is dead. (This does not include instakills.)
Ghosted Once, can ignore a shot while still. (Must be announced.)
Parasupport Spawn in secondary spawn. (Must be announced.)
Detective Can see enemy perk cards off dead.
Framer Can swap perk cards with allies dead or alive (You still have the same perks.)
Limbotreated During setup, you can have an ally start with one health more.(Must be announced.)
Survivalist Each ally death makes you gain 1 health. (Must be announced.)
Consigliere During setup, may ask each enemy about 1 perk they have. (Must be announced.)
Overhealed Can be healed over starting health.
Hitman Upon kill, victim cannot speak or make any noise.

Damage and Weaponry Perks Edit

Equalizer While below 3 health, melee and gun damage increase by 1. (Must say 'Equalizer!' to be active.)
CQC Ready Can carry a knife and perform melee. (Must be announced.)
CQC Trained Melee deals 4 damage instead of 2.  (Must be announced.)
Thief Can take weapons. (Not ammo inside it. Ammo drops and becomes live ammo.)
Scavenger Can pick up live ammo.
Brainstormed Can target an enemy, then guess 5 perks. Victim will say how many are correct, forcing him to start with one health less per correct guess.
Bandolier Can carry 1 extra mag / set of ammo (6 darts)
Limbotricked During setup, you can force an enemy to start with 1 health less.

Death And Revival Tactic PerksEdit

Gifted After revival, this perk becomes a target perk mentioned which during setup. (Must be announced.)
Voided Upon death, cannot be interacted with. (Must be announced.)
Martydom Upon death, count to 5 out loud, and at the end, you can automatically kill one enemy in sight and nearby. (1-missisippi, ect.)
Spirited Can kill self to revive another ally to full health. 
Medibloomed Upon death, an ally gains 2 health. (Must be announced.)
Medium May still communicate to others while dead. (Must be announced.)
Retributionist Can bring back an ally to 2 health by sacrificing 3 health.
Doppleganger Upon death, deal 1 damage to your killer.

Tier 2 Perks

Perk Name Description

Tactical And Damage Prevention Perks Edit

Trader Steal one perk from an enemy at random and trade it with an ally's perk with the same tier.(Must be announced.)
Healthy Starts with 2 HP more. (Must be announced.)
Amnesiac May 'forget' the use of all one time perks, to recharge all your one time perks.
Espionage Can run out of spawn 15 seconds early, but cannot attack other players unless he has Espionage.
Vampiric Each kill by you has you gain 2 health.(Must be announced.)
Taser Once, you may say 'Taser!', and the next shot will paralyze the victim for 5 seconds, however he cannot take damage, other than melee.
Hacker Can listen in on comms from the dead, and able to make comms on speakerphone.
Recharger Can recharge a one time perk of an ally two times, cannot recharge yourself.
Blessed Once, upon saying 'Blessed!, gives you 5 seconds of immunity, but you cannot attack during this time.
Gunhunter Shooting an opponent's gun with disable it for 5 seconds. (Must be announced.)
Witched During setup, can remove one perk from an enemy.(Must be announced.)

Damage and Weaponry Perks Edit

Strength Can carry heavy weapons (Full-auto, shotguns)
Beserked +1 Damage to bodyshots (Must be announced.)
Gunslinger +1 Damage to bodyshots with a secondary. (Must be announced.)
Sharpshooter Headshots deal 3 damage instead of 2. (Must be announced.)
Charged Once, may say 'Charged!', which enables the next dart to be an instakill.
Overkill Primary allowed for secondary. (Must be announced.)

Death And Revival Tactic PerksEdit

Engineer Can revive the dead as Sentry Guns.
Last Stand Can attack with secondary (or primary if not availible) while kneeling when you hit 0 health, until hit once, resulting a regular down.
Feigned Can fake death once, but one shot/stab can kill you when feigned.
Raged Upon death, can become 'enraged' for 5 seconds, where you can move but only use melee which hits for 2 health before becoming downed
Medic Given a medigun which can heal a person up to 3 health twice, and can revive a person once each injection.(Must be announced.)

Upon death, count 10 seconds, then become revived with 3 health.

Cursed Upon death, killer loses all perks and lose his/her perks.
Energized Upon revival, you can automatically kill on one enemy insight and nearby. (Must be announced.)
Broken Upon death, the killer's gun becomes disabled for 5 seconds.